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The Street To Stability program has various parts to it and each part has its own set of requirements in order to work towards a permanent solution. Every step within this has an equal importance and together, they form the Eco System.

The internal yearning to stop the crying of young hearts from seeing another day go by in corrupted, non-ethical and violent living conditions at NO fault of their own is the seed for our mission.

                   Phase 1

Street To Stability will have various location nationwide as drop-in facilities (Rest Pits) allowing the youth to come to a place of safety, this facility will be used as an outreach and assurance place.


                     Phase 2 

This phase will provide therapeutic,secure,residential care to traumatized children and teenagers, identified in Phase 1.Therapeutic care will be tailored to needs of each individual child. The support services are culturally relevant, age and developmentally appropriate, and will include Med-Cal mental health services. 

                   Phase 3 

In this phase,  the program will look into providing economic stability to the homeless youth by partnering with foundations and agencies offering professional training, job placements, and transitional housing. Street To Stability will hand hold each homeless youth individually through the maze of fragmented systems by connecting them to various services to provide an end to end solution but not limited to, housing, process training, stipend, education, Ashraya’s own drop- in center, outreach and much more.

Our core mission is to end Youth homelessness in the United States.

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