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Street-2-Stability is a philanthropic and entrepreneurial initiative whose vision is to provide a permanent solution to unsheltered children and youth homelessness by addressing the root cause. In short, ending homelessness is a math problem not so much a character flaw. We believe, a permanent solution to eradicating homelessness exists by addressing the root issues to homelessness (√-m=∪). The root (√) cause is often overlooked due to the mass (m) abundant requirement of the immediate need to homelessness.


Many government agencies and nonprofits address the need of now, but none do truly reflect on the root and address it as the root to(=) homelessness. We coined a term “Prior to the equal sign (√​∑=∪)” (The root sum = union). Address the root cause and we address the cause


Create a self evolving program by providing the correct tools to serve towards eradicating homelessness, Street-2-Stability supports and strengthens communities/ corporations and like minded individuals by setting stage to different awareness programs and software. Helping those create an impact in their area at work and/or home. It's the power of individuals that can create a true impact of change (p 2sr) Personal Social responsibility, but they need to have a formula and the tools to use.


S2S mission is to build tools and awareness programs that will go viral from people to people sharing impact stories and experience of helping and the joy of accomplishments .


The goal of Street-2-Stability is to spread awareness and Inspire individuals to awaken to the vision. We believe only if one is truly inspired and feel that there is a need, will they rise to the mission. Our goal is to create many angles of approach and setup outreach programs at every level. Eradicating homelessness requires many points of entry to strike the cords of the heart. A key element of Street-2-Stability being totally a philanthropic, “not-for-profit” or “not for personal gain” organization, all volunteers operate in a truly altruistic way not seeking any material gain. This philosophy naturally inspires others to join and continue with a passion. We have many approaches, one being, the realization and disconnect of the current system. Though there are multiple resources addressing different homeless issues they remain fragmented. We will collaborate with other resources in the community, stitch and connect forming a united solution.


We also understand that homelessness is not an instant process, but a process that happens over time. We have and will continue to grow our middle and high school programs to reach out to potential youth that feel the dire need of help. A program called “Kidz Helping Kidz” In addition having many inhouse programs, such as mental and physical therapy to basic health care and life coaching, all while deploying our own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) system that invoke employees PSR (Personal Social Responsibility) to join the cause. Corporates fringe benefit of brand awareness and local impact also comes into play. The goal is to truly eradicate youth homeless and bring them - from Street to Stability -. Prototypes will be replicated in other regions and states causing a ripple effect towards addressing the problem at its root. Creating a magnitude of awareness programs thru social media, people, projects and inspiration reinforcing that “There is another option” “We believe power of the people (p square), will shift the change” 

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